Pest Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services offer the best way to keep unwanted pests at bay and provide peace of mind. At General Exterminating, we provide pest control maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in Erie, PA and the surrounding area. We offer seasonal maintenance programs with no long-term contracts.

Our commercial services include retail, industrial, health care, schools and warehouses.

Why Choose General Exterminating?

  • No long-term contracts
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • The General Exterminating Warranty
  • Dependable Results
  • Fair Pricing
  • Over 90 years in business
  • Locally owned, not a franchise
  • Excellent Services

Residential Pest Maintenance Service Options

Ala Carte Services – Specific to the problem you are experiencing.

General Deluxe – Our Most Popular Treatment
The General Deluxe is our top-of-the-line residential pest prevention program. The program consists of two (2) full exterior treatments. Our licensed technicians pay close attention to detail, making sure to treat all areas of the home that are known inspect nesting areas. We will do our best to avoid hitting windows. However, there may be overspray. It is recommended that if you get your windows washed, wait until the first application is completed.

– Late Spring/Early Summer: The spring application is best performed in early spring, once the weather breaks in late Spring – early Summer. This treatment is the initial protection that will target any invading insects that have started to nest in the home. It is the first line in spider control and defense as well as other common local insects and pests. It will leave a residual to prevent any new nesting sites or invaders from making their way your residence. After this treatment, you may still see spider webs, especially in the morning, for the fist week or so after treatment. The reason for this is that the only way the material will act is for the insect to cross the barrier on the house and contract a lethal dose. After two weeks post treatment, if any issues arise with insects, it will be addressed at no additional cost.

– Late Summer/Early Fall: The late summer/early fall treatment will be based on the weather patterns, as well as potential insect pressure. This application helps to control spiders, lady bugs, cluster flies, stink bugs by enhancing the barrier that these and other unwanted pests will have to cross as they enter your home for shelter from the colder temperatures and winter time. A 90-day warranty will be in place with this treatment.

Insect control included in the General Deluxe Program include: Spiders, carpenter ants, wasps, hornets, sow bugs, centipedes, carpenter bees, ladybugs, cluster flies, stink bugs, crickets, earwigs, millipedes, clover mites and pavement ants.

Stinging Insect Treatment
Those treatments are usually done after hours based on the size and severity of the infestation. Treatment is species specific (whether wasp or hornet) and size/location of nest(s). As soon as you give us the go ahead with the treatment, your stinging insect program becomes our problem. We will come back repeatedly, if necessary, until the problem is gone at no charge. After treatment, we ask for you to allow 48 hours for the treatment to work.

3 Month Rodent Program
With mice or rats, the 3-month approach is the best way to manage them. The initial visit would be the inspection and set up of the baiting program. Follow up visits will be at the discretion of your service technician, based on severity of infestation and activity level during our inspections.

Commercial Pest Maintenance Service Options

Pest Maintenance Pro
Offered Weekly, Monthly, Bi-monthly or Quarterly. Call or email us directly for details and a free, no obligation quote.

Customized Options Available
Exterior spiders, exterior rodents and stinging insects and more.

Hornet Nest Erie PA
Wasp Nest Erie PA
Rodent Mouse on log Erie PA
Diseased Rodent Mouse Erie, PA