Thank you for 90 years in business!

General Exterminating is a full-service pest control company that has been serving Erie, PA and the surrounding areas for over 90 years. We provide effective pest control, management and maintenance for many types of bugs and insects. We offer exceptional spider control, ant control, wasp/hornet control, mouse control and roach control services. These pests impact our customers lives the most. For a full list of all the pests we control, see our Pest Management Page.

For over 90 years now, our focus has been and continues to be protecting the health, well-being and quality of life for our customers through our safe and effective pest control services and options.

General Exterminating is a local 4th generation, family-owned and operated company that focuses on excellent service, exceptional communication and providing environmentally sound, proven solutions to suit our customer’s needs.

We pride ourselves on honesty & outstanding customer service.

Jack Thompson, Founder - General Exterminating Erie, PA

Jack Thompson

1932 | Founder

Founded in Erie, PA by Jack Thompson in 1932. Located on 10th and East Avenue, while a second location was built on Peach Street.

Dan Reese, 2nd Generation Owner, Wasp and Hornet Control Expert, General Exterminating Erie, PA

Dan & Carol Reese

1974 | Owners

Jack Thompson’s daughter, Carol, married Dan Reese. They became involved with the business and later assumed ownership from Jack in 1974.

Jim Reese, 3rd Generation Owner, Spider Control and Ant Control Expert - General Exterminating Erie, PA

Jim Reese

1991 | Owner

Dan and Carol’s son, Jim Reese, started working at the business at a very young age. Jim assumed ownership from Dan in 1991.

Shane Reese, 4 th Generation Owner, Spider Control, Ant Control and Cockroach Control Expert – General Exterminating Erie, PA

Shane Reese

2014 | Part Owner

In 2014, Shane assumed part ownership with his father, Jim, and became the 4th generation to be an owner of General Exterminating. He works alongside his father taking care of their valued customers and our community.